Located in a restored 120-year-old hotel, Coogee Common is one of Perth’s most popular new restaurants. And one of the main reasons for its success is a commitment to local and their thoughtful approach to clean, ethical food production.

Coogee Common Menu

Coogee Common Garden

Every menu is built around their own seasonal produce, harvested daily. They care deeply about their produce and producers! They have a devoted team of gardeners who tend their two-hectare plot, with gardens of vegetables, fruit trees and rescued olive trees from Gingin, fig-trees from Scarborough and Shiraz vines from Margaret River. Anything not grown, baked or fermented on-site is sustainably sourced from local producers.

Coogee Common Garden

It’s inspiring, and the gardens are a beautiful sight to behold!

From the team behind the very popular Bread in Common, who know how to do things well, the venue is swoon-worthy yet comfortable and not overly pretentious.

Coogee Common Dining Room

Our Experience

From their house-made woodfired bread and churned butter, to the delicious beetroot risotto with lamb collar every mouthful was an explosion of flavour.

Woodfired Bread and churned butter from Coogee Common
Coogee Common Beetroot Risotto

In addition to the dining room menu, you can enjoy a smaller share style menu in the pub area with a drink or two. Make sure to try the house-made lemonade for a non-alcoholic option.

Coogee Common Farm Shop produce

Jams, chutneys, pickles and local honey from the Coogee Common beehives are available to purchase from the farm shop.

Dessert is always a must! And how could we resist, with these three favourite things on a plate – limoncello parfait, passionfruit and white chocolate

Coogee Common Limoncello Parfait

TOP TIP: Book the garden tour which includes a welcome cocktail and a two-course meal for just $65. This is great value and will give you a greater understanding of their garden to table approach.

Open every day for lunch and dinner this is a phenomenal restaurant. Coogee Common is a little pricey, but it’s a top-notch experience with high-quality produce that you will remember forever!


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